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'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Viral Video: The Fall of Chicago

– by Da7e

Take a seat, kids. 

Back in my day, movies couldn't advertise like this. We didn't have enough distance from the September 11th attacks. Now, I chuckled when I saw the lower third on the news footage over the Chicago battle at the end of Transformers: Dark of the Moon was: "Second City First To Fall."

Granted, my day was only a single decade ago and/or this is still my day. So, if we're being honest, as a New Yorker, I got a little chuckle that we now apply If You See Something, Say Something not only to New York Public Transit but to Transformers.

Hey, man: if you see a jeep turn into a giant robot? Tell a cop. Don't keep it to yourself. 

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