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PHOTOS and SPOILERS! Let's Meet The Stormtroopers

– by Da7e

Today instead of just a single, long S7ARWARS(.com) column post, we're going to be making our own little trilogy of posts.

First, we'll clear up the Stormtrooper situation. This afternoon we'll reveal something about Episode VII that made my jaw literally drop when I heard it and this evening, I'll drop a normal ramble-filled column about how EVERYTHING FITS TOGETHER NOW.

Ok? Let's have some fun. SPOILERS ahead, all day.

Today seems to be the time to finally talk about Stormtroopers in Episode VII, what they’re going to look like and a few of their unique properties and abilities. It seems the internet is ready for some truth-telling and clarification. Let’s begin.

Artist Tom Hodges started this latest round of Stormtrooper madness, picking up the ball where we last put it down by sketching a Stormtrooper helmet from Episode VII and putting it on his various social media.

Our first, fairly accurate look.

Our first, fairly accurate look.

Yesterday, a site called Indie Revolver was so excited because they had photos of this new helmet design plus another design that featured a mystery trooper.

First look - real helmet.

First look - real helmet.

Mystery Trooper in unforgiving climate

Mystery Trooper in unforgiving climate

Ok, now you’re all caught up.

Here’s what Latino Review can contribute.

1. Yes, that’s the new Stormtrooper at the top. The helmets have that floating nose region and a lot more black across the face. I'm not sure at this point if the nodes on the chin area mean this is a different class of Trooper, but this is the basic design of your generic Stormtrooper, the one we’ll see the most of. We’ve been getting confirmation of this for awhile. Here’s a good one:

2. The bottom Stormtrooper from the Indie Revolver post is NOT a Sandtrooper but a Snowtrooper. The background is generic enough to make it hard to tell, but when you see that design, it’ll be in a cold atmosphere. No Trooper with crazy gasmask-like face plate is complete without his customizable weapon, so these Snowtroopers are outfitted with FLAME THROWERS. Yeah. That’s happening.

3. These aren’t the only variations on Troopers we’ll see. If you remember, we have been chasing rumors of a black and/or chrome Stormtrooper and I’m going to double down on one of those: There is a chrome Stormtrooper and s/he appears this way because that armor has the power to CLOAK. Invisible Troooper! Good for stalking. Much WOW!

This is NOT THE ACTUAL TROOPER, but a cool bust by Gentle Giant LTD

This is NOT THE ACTUAL TROOPER, but a cool bust by Gentle Giant LTD

Hopefully that helps everyone out with this Stormtrooper helmet shuffle. As to who is going to be inside these various helmets, well, we’d love some help on that.

What have you heard, my little Mynocks?


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