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Get Your First Look At An 'Episode VII' X-Wing!

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

The X-Wing has long been one of the more iconic, recognizable ships from the original Star Wars trilogy. With the announced timeline of Episode VII, many wondered if we'd be seeing any of the classic vehicles from that trilogy in the new one. After all, many years have passed, the Empire has fallen, the Rebellion has evolved. Perhaps director J.J. Abrams was going to present us with an all-new fleet?

But a video has now surfaced, where Abrams once again uses an opportunity to talk about the "Star Wars: Force For Change" initiative to reveal something from the set of the film in a very deadpan way. Last time, we got a peak of the Tattooine set of the film, as well as a costumed character. This time, it's the X-Wing and a small, remote-controlled droid. Take a look for yourself:

This intimate look behind-the-scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII seems to once again reaffirm Abrams's commitment to practical sets and effects. You've got to admit, everything we've seen so far feels very authentic, and very Star Wars.

Looking good!

SOURCE: Star Wars

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