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EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Story On The Divorce Between Marvel & Edgar Wright Over 'Ant-Man'

– by El Mayimbe

Yesterday,  the shocking news dropped that Edgar Wright left Marvel's Ant-Man over creative differences. What exactly were those creative differences?

Well, after talking to sources all afternoon Friday and burning the midnight oil, I got the scoop.

For starters, let's debunk some lies that are currently making the rounds on reddit and other forums.

A) Edgar Wright got fired.

Nope. Not true at all. Get to that in a second.

B) Here is another massive lie I read...

The word from people on the crew is Wright got booted for being REALLY behind schedule and being ineffective at righting the ship and getting it back on track. Production has been bleeding money for a month and Marvel got fed up with him and they lost their confidence in his ability to manage a production of this size.

Bullshit. Not true. AT ALL.

The prep on this film has been forever and it was impossible to be behind schedule because the entire production was out on hiatus by Marvel for duration of the script's rewrite. Families left homes to work on the movie in Atlanta and were now suddenly in limbo.

So about the rewrite...

About 3 months ago, Marvel had notes. The meat of the notes were about the core morality of the piece, must include franchise characters. etc., These notes came from the big four at Marvel. Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright did two drafts to try and answer the notes without compromising their vision.

6 weeks ago Marvel took the script off them and gave the writing assignment to two very low credit writers. One of the writers were from Marvel's in house writing team. Edgar stayed cool, agreed to stay on the project, and read the draft.

The script came in this week and was completely undone. Poorer, homogenized, and not Edgar's vision. Edgar met with Marvel on Friday to formally exit and the announcement went out directly after.

Edgar & Joe were upset by the sudden, out of nowhere lack of faith in them as filmmakers. Fiege had always batted for them but this felt like it came from the higher ups.

Where does this leave the cast? Well, it is believed they don't have the option to walk like Edgar did.

That is pretty much the gist of it. I give props to Edgar for having integrity.

So what do you guys think? Chime in below and have a great holiday weekend. Any other developments on this story and I will update your guys.

Until the next episode...

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