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'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Credits Reveal Sinister Six Line-Up

– by Da7e

The credits of Amazing Spider-Man 2 might have an X-Men scene in the middle of it, but it also has some very cool graphics that show the gear for the Sinister Six line-up. 

Sony announced a promotion with the Shazaam movie app, telling people to use the app during ASM2's end credits to reveal a "look into the sinister future." had the idea to just use the app on the already-released end credits song by Alicia Keys and - BOOM! - Sinister Six line-up announced.

Not all these folks are in Amazing Spider-Man 2, easter egg or no, especially the knife that bears Kraven's insignia (what I mistook during my screening to be a Scorpion tail - FOILED AGAIN!) and the smoke coming out of the eye, which I took to be a stylized Electro, but could also be a hint towards Mysterio the illusionist or Chameleon, the master of disguise. 

Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Vulture and Rhino, those are pretty easy to recognize.

And what of the other heroes and villains Easter Egged into ASM2?

I have a feeling this isn't THE SINISTER SIX, they are villains we'll be seeing in the future of the Spider Verse. 

UPDATE: Wow, it's like the InSneider and I are in sync - THE WRAP reports Sinister Six have not been locked down.

There's a lot of Spidey Verse headed our way.

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