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CinemaCon 2014: First Trailer Shown for 'The Interview'

– by Gig Patta

The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco - Show North Korea will definitely hate us now after this movie.

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen team up to co-direct their second project after their highly successful film “This is the End.” It also reunites Rogen with James Franco.

Sony Pictures presented a trailer to the audiences of CinemaCon this week.

The hilarious trailer shows that Dave Skylark, a television talk show host and interview, discovers that North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un is a big fan of him. So he tries to convince his producer, Aaron Rapoport, to arrange an interview. In a surprising twist, the CIA approaches the news team to assist them to assassinate the dictator, because North Korea has nuclear bomb capabilities.

Even Kim Jong-Un looks like a very laughable character in the movie.

“The Interview” is slated for release on October 10.

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