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Pablo Larraín To Direct 'Scarface' Reboot

– by El Mayimbe

Scarface1983 1080p1About a year and a half ago, news broke that Universal was rebooting Scarface. Paul Attanasio was doing a rewrite of the script written by David Ayer. While plot details were kept under wraps, we exclusively broke that the new Scarface would be Mexican and the story would be based on the drug cartels of the American southwest. According to Jeff Sneider over at The Wrap, Universal has found the director to helm the reboot.

The director is Pablo Larraín.

Pablo Larrain


He is a director from Chile who made a film with Gael Garcia Bernal back in 2012 called No. At least the studio got a Latin dude I guess. Meh. Still think it is a terrible idea to reboot Scarface and set it in the world of Mexican drug cartels which by now has been done to death and played out.  At least, the DePalma version back in the day with Al Pacino set the movie in the glitz and glam world of South Beach Miami. This reboot takes place in the friggin' desert. Wow, how visually exciting!

The question now I guess is who is Pablo Larraín going to cast as the new Scarface? Oscar Issac, Edgar Ramirez, Wagner Moura, or Benecio Del Toro? Maybe some unknown actor from South America? The studio is going to want a star to headline so my money is on Benecio since he got a history with Universal. Oscar Issac doesn't really want to play these kind of parts anymore since he already passed on playing Pablo Escobar.

What are your thoughts on the Scarface reboot? Terrible idea right? Chime in below

SOURCE: The Wrap

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