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Vin Diesel Shares Artwork For 'The Last Witch Hunter'

– by Laura Frances

vindiesel It's been a while since we last heard anything about Brett Eisner's The Last Witch Hunter. The last bit of news we got was actually a confirmation that Eisner would be on as director. Vin Diesel, who's set to star in the film, has finally offered the first visual tease. Check it out.

The script, written by Cory Goodman (Priest), follows an immortal witch hunter who partners with his natural enemy, a female witch, to stop the covens of New York City from unleashing a plague on humanity. Goodman's script made The Black List in 2010.

Diesel posted the following photo on his Facebook page:


The tease was then followed by: "I will fill you all in later, but this meeting went well."

What the photo shows us is a look at the concept art, which overall seems to have a pretty dark tone. Hopefully we'll have more updates soon.

SOURCE: Facebook

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