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Is 'BvS' Actually 'Man of Steel: Fight or Flight'?

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

superman75years Domain names can sometimes be surprisingly revealing. Most of the time, a domain name is just one of many options that a company is considering for a project title. They want to cover all of their bases, so they register a whole ton of options. A few months ago, we got wind of a list of domains that Warner Bros had purchased, with many of the entries seemingly like potential titles for their upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Well, it looks like that list of options is continuing to evolve. A new title that has spring up now is Man of Steel: Fight or Flight.  

Personally, I think it's a silly name for a movie. Sounds more like the name for a Superman app-game for your phone. And, for all we know, that could be exactly what it is.

But what if it's not?

Let's play with this for a second, and assume that- even if it isn't a working title- that it at least offers an insight into the themes of the upcoming film. Fight or flight refers to one's primal survival instinct. In instances of danger, your brain instinctually analyzes whether to stay and fight, or get the hell out of there. In a simpler, more day-to-day sense, the idea morphs into either staying to confront a situation or just walking away. Bearing that in mind, and the continual whispers that the story will see Lex Luthor and/or Bruce Wayne putting Superman to task for the things that occurred in Man of Steel, I have a theory.

What if one of the thematic elements of the film is Clark wondering if he should keep donning the cape? Perhaps in the face of angry protesters that view him as a dangerous alien, Lex Luthor making him out to be public enemy #1, and Wayne/Batman treating him like an untrustworthy ally that's only going to attract bigger and badder escalations...Clark contemplates walking away from it all, wondering if his adoptive father had been right all along?

Man of Steel

Could make for some interesting, soul-searching drama leading, ultimately, to Superman's redemption.

Just a thought :)

Man of Steel: Fight or Flight. What do we think?

SOURCE: MarkMonitor

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