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EXCLUSIVE: Take A Guess Who's Directing Spielberg Produced 'Halo' Pilot!

– by El Mayimbe

halo-2-wallpaper-master-chiefRemember back in the spring during the upfronts when the news broke that Steven Spielberg would be producing a live-action series based on the Halo game universe? The series, which will be available on Xbox Live, will be produced in conjunction with the Halo’s developer 343 Industries. During the Xbox One announcement in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft’s president of entertainment and digital media Nancy Tellem said the following:

“TV on the Xbox One will immerse you, allowing you to virtually jump into the action. It’s truly personalized. It will provide recommendations with amazing precision. It’s truly social. Xbox is about to become the next water cooler. And this is only Act One.”

Spielberg added the following:

“The Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at an intersection where technology and myth-making converge.”

You know who is directing the Halo pilot?

According to trusted sources, I'm hearing none other than NEIL BLOMKAMP!

blomkampFor those of you who have been living under a rock the last few years, back in 2007, Blomkamp directed a trilogy of live-action short films set in the Halo universe, to promote the release of Halo 3. Blomkamp was then slated to direct his first feature-length film, an adaptation of the Halo series of video games, produced by Peter Jackson. The Halo movie then completely imploded and Blomkamp went on to make a hot little movie set in South Africa that became a worldwide smash hit called District 9.

At first when I heard the news I was a little confused given the history between Blomkamp and Halo. Then again, with Spielberg on board as producer, Microsoft now in complete control of their IP, & Blomkamp now a major player, it seems doable.

What are your thoughts on Blomkamp revisiting Halo? Chime in below!

Hasta el proximo capitulo...


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