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EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr Is Set To Appear In Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

ant-man-ss I just announced this exclusive scoop on Twitter (@LatinoReviewMFR). It's a small kill, so I wasn't initially going to publish an article on it, but here's a little something: All eyes lately have been on Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd, and the seemingly soon-to-be-signed Michael Peña, but there is another actor all ready signed up for Marvel's Ant-Man. That would be TV vet and Pacific Rim co-star, Clifton Collins Jr. The veteran character actor has also appeared in Star Trek, and clearly has a good working relationship with director Edgar Wright, as evidenced by his uncredited role as a vegan police officer in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.


As of now, I don't have which role he is specified for- which is one of the reasons I didn't initially bring it to the site. But, being that I know my readers love all-things Marvel, figured you'd want to know everything possible. Ant-Man has become quite the hot production these last few days, eh?

When I learn more, you will, too.

Marvel's Ant-Man opens on July 31, 2015.

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