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RZA Released Tribute Ballad ‘Destiny Bends’ Dedicated to Paul Walker

– by Gig Patta

PaulWalkerFastandFuriousCropped Paul Walker, you surely will be missed.

The actors touched the lives of many ranging from fans to celebrities.

His “Brick Mansions” co-star, RZA, released a tribute song called “Destiny Bends” dedicated to his fallen co-worker and friend. The film is completed and currently in post-production. It is about an undercover cop taking down a ruthless crime lord who has access to a neutron bomb.

As for his other films, “Fast & Furious 7” is currently delayed in production as the studio may rework the script around Walker’s death. The indie drama “Hours” will still be released on December 13.

The song was written shortly after news of his death went public.

“I met Paul on the set of the film Brick Mansion, where we talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas of life and fatherhood,” he wrote on SoundCloud. “I only knew him personally for less than a year, but we knew each other through our work and art. We saw in each other a kindred spirit of men coming from unlikely circumstances, and rising to be the light and beacon of our family and loved ones.”

The track was also composed with the assistance of RZA’s two sons. Vocals provided by Will Wells.

Please have a listen to the song below.

Source: SoundCloud

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