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Dreamworks Animation Launches ‘Turbo Fast’ as First Neflix Series for Kids

– by Gig Patta

turbo Netflix created several good original series with “House of Cards,” “Hemlock Grove” and “Orange Is the New Black.”

Now Netflix is going into a new territory—an original series for kids.

DreamWorks Animation announced “Turbo FAST” animated series to premiere exclusively on Netflix.

The series will follow the adventures of the racing snail named Turbo. It is based on the “Turbo” movie that was voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The film grossed over $280 million worldwide.

According to a press release, the television show will feature a “2D design to create a stylized look reflective of the Stunt Team’s fast-paced, souped-up world.”

Reid Scott (“Veep”) will lend his voice as the title character and funnyman Ken Jeong will reprise his role as the crazy manicurist.

The first five episodes will make its debut on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24.

Check out the trailer below:


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