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Disney Has No 'Star Wars' Script, But Plans For 'Wars' and 'Jones' Futures Anyway

– by Da7e

StarWarsCUMBERBATCH Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn, spoke at a Variety event this morning and let fly with some updates from what was formally the world of Lucasfilm-Only:

Well, that's not a good sign. Call me crazy but "we just bought Star Wars and are launching the third trilogy in two years" sounded a lot to me like Episode VII was ready to go. Then JJ Abrams threw out the Michael Ardnt script/treatment and took it back to square one. That's what pushed Star Wars into the Christmas season (since Disney CEO Bob Iger is promising new Star Wars in 2015).

History will contextualize this. But without a script, there can't be a budget and an "expected budget" is what got the John Carter echo-chamber trashing that movie as a bloated production when it wasn't. Things could go either way, but I'm not psyched with how rushed this all is. And it looks like these troubles are only beginning because:

Every. Damn. Year. So that's 2 Marvel Movies and 1 Star Wars movie every year until we stop seeing them, which may be never. It also means whatever story-world JJ Abrams is establishing has to stick. Could you imagine having to base 2 movies a year off Star Trek Into Darkness? Ugh.

And, finally:

Good. This is encouraging. See, where as with Star Wars the story is coming very close to the last moment, Indiana Jones is dependent on a story. That's a good place to start. Now let's work on a way to include Harrison Ford, but not - ya know?

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