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Joe Cornish Up For ‘Star Trek 3' Directing Gig

– by El Mayimbe

Star-Trek-ssSweet! While I built a kick ass gaming PC over the weekend, not one but two of my previous scoops were confirmed. Let's get to the first one. Back in may I tweeted that Joe Cornish was up for directing Star Trek 3


Well, six months later, Mike Fleming over at Deadline makes it official.

It looks like Joe Cornish is going to be the guy. Paramount is readying the movie to shoot in summer, 2014. Although Star Trek ain't my cup of tea, I like Joe Cornish. I thought he did a fantastic job with his directorial debut Attack The Block. The movie was dope and done on a small budget where a bunch of London hood rats deal with an alien invasion. It was hilarious to boot too. Joe Cornish is keeping busy in the meantime co writing Marvel's Ant-Man while he waits for the Star Trek 3 gig to work out. Methinks he is gonna get it.

SOURCE: Deadline

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