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Jaimie Alexander In Talks For ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

– by El Mayimbe

thor-movie-image-jaimie-alexander-02Jaimie Alexander dropped by Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles yesterday to participate in the AMC Movie Talk panel and dropped a bombshell revelation that she has been having conversations with Warners about Batman vs. Superman! Jaimie Alexander pretty much confirmed she was one of the final four finalists for the unspecified female role that I broke back in September. In my report I said Warners is looking an actress in their late 20s who is both tall and possesses physicality. Jaimie Alexander obviously fits the bill.

According to Mark Hughes over at Forbes, Jaimie Alexander caught everyone’s attention when she said she has had discussions with “both companies,” about superhero movies — “both” meaning Marvel and Warner Bros, of course.

She explained her respect for Ben Affleck’s acting talent at the panel and how suitable she thinks he is for the role. Her confidence in Affleck’s casting is bolstered by the fact he is so suited for the particular Batman portrayal in the film — and her reason for that certainty is, as she put it...

“kind of knows the story line for that movie.”

Jaimie Alexander added more fuel to the fire by tweeting the following:


Now let me kill the noise being made on twitter right by corny fanboys who think the role is for Wonder Woman. Sorry bros, it ain't. According to sources who work in talent for a living, they all unanimously agree that the role is a love interest for Bruce Wayne. Don't get me wrong, Jaimie Alexander would make a dope Wonder Woman and all, but right now it's not in the cards. Now that one of the four finalists has been revealed, I wonder who the other three are? We will soon find out I guess.

SOURCE: Mark Hughes @ Forbes


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