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Update On Female Role In 'Batman Vs Superman'

– by El Mayimbe

batmanvssuperman-featurette So what is the latest with that female role currently casting for Batman Vs Superman?

I wasn't going to make a story out of this and drop it instead as one of my free twitter scoops. But here is the problem. Way too many sites are taking my tweets, embedding them into their own stories, and using them as click bait. That party is now over.

Well, it's down to not one one, or three, BUT FOUR TOP CONTENDERS for the mysterious female role.

Do I have names? Not yet. But as as soon as I do, I will update the story.

Do I think it's Wonder Woman?

No. I put in some calls and the professionals I know that work in talent don't think so either. They think it's a love interest for Bruce Wayne. Could both them and I be wrong? Sure, anything is possible.

Although Warners CEO Kevin Tsujihara is now on the record saying...

“We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

...putting Wonder Woman in an already crowded Batman Vs Superman movie just doesn't make any sense. Now, that doesn't rule out a post credit sequence but also keep in mind that Snyder still has bad guys to cast too.

That is all I have for now. The minute I get the names of the top four contenders for the female I will update the story. Who knows, Warners may announce the actress for the role at any minute now.


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