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RUMOR: New Batmobile To Resemble An "Old Cadillac"

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

batmobile Batman-On-Film is reporting that the new Batmobile, which will be featured in 2015's "Batman vs Superman," might take on the design concept of an old Cadillac. A scooper for them, named "Mr. Detroit," sent in the following:

"The Batmobile is currently being designed and built by General Motors at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood. This is the same team who most recently designed and built the vehicles for TRANSFORMERS 4 with Michael Bay – who was very hands-on and involved in the design/building process for the new Bumblebee Camaro. Anyway, back to the new Batmobile…"

He also added:

"It will definitely NOT have a military look like The Tumbler from [Chris] Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy.’

According to him, as of four weeks ago, nothing had been built yet, but he maintains that the design will resemble an "old Cadillac." It could possibly resemble the ultra old fashioned 1943 Cadillac convertible that was used in the first Batman serial.

What was your favorite version of the Batmobile? What form would you like the new one to take?


Source: Batman-On-Film

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