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Oliver Stone and Jamie Foxx Have A MLK Dream(works)

– by Da7e

mlk foxx stone As far as bio-pics go, you can't get more legit than Jamie Foxx. But -also - as far as biopics go, Oliver Stone is a variable quantity. Not that JFK is strictly a biopic, but W. wasn't really either, even though one featured courtroom conspiracies while the other just made me feel bad for the then-President of the United States.

But, the long-in-the-works Martin Luther King Jr project written by Kario Salem. Salem's script looks like it's going to the be the thing that actually gets the King family on board as producers, sharing the exec titles with the likes of Steven Spielberg.

In 2009, Dreamworks optioned the life rights of Martin Luther King and the 'I Have a Dream" speech, distinguishing it from other MLK projects swirling around Hollywood. If the King family signs on to this film version, it would legitimize the movie even more and lead this gestating film into production.

Who would think after watching Savages that Oliver Stone would be the director on the most official of MLK movies? Certainly not me.

Electro has a dream, people!

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