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Michael Bay Wins Bidding War For Non-Fiction WWII Thriller

– by Da7e

bay paramount sabotage Michael Bay is the winner!

There was a quiet bidding war going on in Hollywood over a non-fiction book proposal called "Sabotage," and now it's over. Paramount Pictures came out of the fray with the proposal by author Neal Bascomb for an undisclosed amount.

Now, Paramount is pairing Michael Bay in a producer role with Bascomb on-board presumably to write the screenplay. Paramount is being very quiet about what the proposal covered, but The Wrap did some digging into the World War II event "Sabotage" was supposed to be about:

Set in 1942, the story follows a brilliant scientist who flees the Gestapo to inform the Allies that the Nazis are secretly developing a nuclear program at an industrial fortress called Vermork deep in the mountainous expanse of Norway’s Telemark region. Knowing that Hitler gaining nuclear capabilities would be unthinkably catastrophic, the Allies assemble a fearless team of nine Norwegian refugee commandos to infiltrate the Nazi-occupied country.  In an apparent suicide mission, this team must brave the arctic landscape and pull off an impossibly daring assault on Vermork, which sits perched on impenetrable, icy cliffs. With little more than parachutes, skis, tommy guns, and explosives, the team is the Allies’ only hope to halt Hitler’s nuclear ambitions, and their adventure is one of WWII most thrilling, action-packed tales.

Sounds like a good, old-fashioned World War II, Nazi-hating action thriller!

With Norwegians.

Bay is on board just as a producer right now, but that doesn't rule this out as his next possible project after he extincts the Trans4mers.

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