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Legendary Is Planning A "Trick 'r Treat" Sequel

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

trickrtreat2 A few years back, screenwriter and sometimes director Michael Dougherty (X2, Superman Returns), made a horror film named "Trick 'r Treat." It was intended for theatrical release, but somewhere along the way it got relegated to a home video berth. Once it was released, it became one of those projects that took on a life of its own, and amassed a cult following. In the subsequent years, the following grew substantial enough for Legendary Pictures- which produced SR, the Nolan Batman Trilogy, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, and more- to take notice. Legendary has decided to back Dougherty now as he makes a sequel to the cult hit.

The first film centered on Sam, a sort of Halloween mascot that punished anyone who dared speak ill of the holiday. Entertainment Weekly had a chance to chat with Dougherty about the continued adventures of Sam, where he elaborated on his initial vision for the film:

"It’s funny because when I first dreamt up the idea of making the first film, I thought, 'How neat would it be if we made them a series?' I’m a firm believer that October should be filled with Halloween movies, or horror movies. That’s something I remember from childhood. Horror movies and Halloween, they go hand-in-hand. And so the idea was, 'Well we could probably do a Trick ‘r Treat movie every year or every other year, and that it would sort of just be a new batch of stories and characters. And the common link between all of them would be Sam.' Initially that was the plan, and then things changed as the first film had a very delayed, strange journey. I put those dreams on hold for a little while, so it feels good to go back to that initial plan."

Think he's referring to this depressingly dry October we're having, with the one true horror release being the remake of "Carrie"?

On the ideas he's floating around for the sequel, which still hasn't been written, he spoke a little about what he may be exploring for the next film:

"I think we’ll shake it up a little bit. There are different archetypes I’d like to explore, different types of monsters. We covered werewolves, vampires, and zombies, but there’s a whole slew of different creatures out there that we haven’t tackled, and I think Sam would probably be pretty good buddies with. So I think it’s time to let them have their time in the sun."

For now, he's got his "fingers crossed" that this one will make it to theaters- though he admits that the first one proved that you no longer need a theatrical release to be successful. He credits streaming services like Netflix and Amazon with helping the film find its audience. Still, he's hopeful for a wider release. Would you see this in theaters? What do you think of his idea of turning "Trick 'r Treat" into an annual event in the vein of the "Saw" and "Paranormal" franchises?

Source: EW

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