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Kevin Feige Runs Rumor Control on 'Iron Man 4,' 'Avengers 2'

– by Da7e

kevin_feige Bless the French, who sent a knowledgable Marvel Cinematic Universe person to talk to Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios - the guy who can give real answers but so often just hints.

Website talked to Feige about the Hulk and how he won't have any movies on his own in the current slate, Iron Man's connection to James Bond and teases of Age of Ultron.

You can read the entire interview HERE, but I've plucked the gems that we haven't heard before and excerpted them below.

What do think of the way DC Comics and Warner Bros are handling their own movies ? Do you like the fact that they will introduce a new Batman in Man of Steel 2 ?

You know, Batman and Superman meet up in the comics quite a bit. And I always say that all of all us at Marvel started as film fans and comic fans, and the idea of seeing a Batman and Superman film excites us. The idea of seeing it only because of the success that we have had is very flattering.


What about Ben Kinglsey and that secret Mavel project ?

I think the keyword here is "secret", ha ha !

Is it a TV show, a movie, a short film ?

(He says no with his head)

What are those other TV shows that Marvel seems to be working on ?

Anything outside Agents of SHIELD that you read online is just rumours. People are guessing what we do next. I can’t speak much about television, because that’s not what I do. We have a TV division, run by Jeff Loeb, that is doing the Agents of SHIELD show. They’re certainly talking about things in the success of Agents of SHIELD, other opportunities and other TV show, but I don’t know what those are.


Tell us about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers : Age of Ultron, what are they going to do in this movie ?

They’re going to be incredibly exciting and live adventures ! No, I can’t say much about it. Joss of course has revealed that they will play a huge part in the movie, they will play a huge part in the movie. But, we can’t say much more than that.

Are they ood guys of bad guys [sic] ?

Well, we take all of our inspiration from the comics, so... Clues exist !


Is there gonna be an Iron Man 4 ?

Well, if I believe Tony Stark to be James Bond, then there would be and Iron Man 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... What is James Bond on at ? Twenty ?

So, no Robert Downey Jr. ?

That’s the question. And again, that’s a question we won’t have to face until after Avengers 3. So that’s at least five or six years away.


Are you planning another Hulk solo movie ?

We have been discussing after Avengers what that would be, what that would look like. It’s really Mark Ruffalo portrayal of Bruce Banner, in the way Joss Whedon brought him to life in Avengers that worked. It’s even why you ask me that question.  Which is good, we wanted that to happen, we wanted people to come out of Avengers saying The Hulk was their favorite character or at least on of their favorite. The fact that it did happen, was awesome. So, you know, all of the effort related to Hulk right know is going to Age of Ultron. It’s exciting, beacuse he hasn’t been in any other film, so you can expect to have a lot of Bruce Banner and Hulk in Age of Ultron. Where we go after that ? We’ll see. It will be a little while before we figure that out but, we do think there’s plenty of opportunities with the Ruffalo Banner.



Dramatic ending!

More Hulk smashing James Spader, please.

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