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Full Recap of 'Batman vs Superman' Filming

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

batmanvssuperman-featurette Over the weekend, Zack Snyder kicked off principal photography on "Batman vs Superman" by filming a football sequence at East Los Angeles College. During halftime of the game between the home school and Victor Valley College, Snyder and company came out to film two sequences from various angles. The scene is obviously supposed to take place in Gotham, as the crowd of extras was directed to cheer for the fictional Gotham City University team, and to boo the Metropolis State University players. The background actors were also given all kinds of cool, specially designed shirts and merchandise to wear to make the crowd look like an authentic crowd of football fans.

Over at Batman-News, they gave the following description of the sequences being filmed:

"Then two scenes were filmed. Both plays were from around Gotham city’s 30 yard line. The first play was a tackle for a Metropolis loss. The second was for a touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone for Metropolis. Then the bench cleared for Gotham and they had to break up a fight on the field. Gotham never even went on offense. Zack Snyder was directing, he was on the mega phone calling the plays and cuts."

And you know what THIS means! These sequences can only mean one thing! This film will HAVE...a football scene in it. Sorry. That's really all there is to report here.

Of note, there was no sign of Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, or any of the other lead actors. Also, Zack Snyder's Assistant Director referred to the film as "Batman vs Superman" while directing the extras, so that title is still in play. Last thing I picked up on was that the color scheme for the GCU team seems to be an homage to "The Dark Knight Rises" which also used the Pittsburgh Steelers' black and yellow. A few folks were able to grab some media from the filming- pictures and video. The photos come from Andrew Fierro at, while the video is credited to Sad Puppy Productions. Enjoy, and feel free to discuss the explosive ramifications of what this scene could mean for the film, and the DC Cinematic Universe at large.

















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