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EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Cooper Circling Freddie Mercury Biopic?

– by El Mayimbe

Freddie-MercurySo what's the latest with the Freddie Mercury bipoic? Sasha Baron Cohen dropped out this summer after being attached to the film for a long time because he wanted to do a hard R sex, drugs, and rock n' roll movie while the remaining members of Queen (who have script and director approval) prefer a family friendly PG version. Sad because Cohen helped bring screenwriter Peter Morgan to the table. Peter Morgan crushed the script for Rush currently in theaters. Then the latest rumor had Daniel Radcliffe attached to play the legendary frontman but, Radcliffe shot down that rumor with the quickness.

According to a trusted source, the "rumor" is that Dominic Cooper is now circling the project.

Dominic-Cooper-in-The-Devils-Double-2011-Movie-ImageWhile trying to get confirmation, some folks I spoke to think Cooper is a solid choice because he not only looks like Freddie Mercury, he can sing as well. I guess subject to approval by the remaining band members of Queen, we will soon find out. I'm of the opinion Mercury's bandmates are a pain in the ass to work with because Cohen also tried to bring on board directors David Fincher and Tom Hooper and the band didn't approve them. Who in their right mind passes on Fincher and Hooper?! Whatever.

The film is set at Sony Pictures and GK Films. Graham King and Tim Headington are producing with Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal and Queen Films.


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