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Chinese Trailer for New "Police Story" Hits Web

– by Mario-Francisco Robles

policestory Jackie Chan is set to return the "Police Story" franchise. In the first two films, he played Chan Ka Kui, but in this pseudo-reboot of the franchise, Chan returns as an all-new character. This time he plays a mainland detective named Zhong Wen. A trailer for this Chinese crime thriller has hit the web and it shows Chan in a way you likely haven't seen him.

The Hong Kong action star, who crossed over to the US with comedic action films in the late-90s like "Rush Hour," is playing a grizzled, veteran cop in this dark, gritty action caper. The trailer portrays the film as a serious, violent, intense story where an older cop has to deal a young, criminal mastermind. At several points, Chan is shown under great duress, and seemingly outmatched.

As someone who's mainly familiar with his slapsticky work in the States, and the dubbed versions of films like "Supercop" and "Rumble In The Bronx," this is definitely Jackie Chan in a way I've never seen him.

Check out the international trailer below.

Thanks to 'Daniel' for the heads up.


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