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Check Out The Gotham and Metropolis Football Jerseys!

– by Da7e

batfootball Zack Snyder needs 20 minutes of time this Saturday during halftime at East Los Angeles College’s Weingart Stadium to film some scenes from Batman Vs. Superman, the Warner Bros Pictures, DC Comics crossover summer extravaganza coming out in 2015.

The real-life ELAC vs Victor Valley College game will serve as the setting for a game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University in the movie. Presumably, someone important will be filmed later as observing the game. Someone like Ben Affleck and/or Henry Cavill, but not this weekend. This weekend, Snyder just needs 20 minutes.

Batman-News got the first look at the jerseys that will be used for the respective teams.

Metropolis State:


Gotham City:

GothamBvSwmI can't decide if this is too much like The Dark Knight Rises or just too hokey a game to have played in a movie I'm hoping is more serious.

But either way: Go Gotham City! I went to NYU and we really hate Metropolis State.

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