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Benedict Cumberbatch Basically Says He's In 'Star Wars'

– by Da7e

StarWarsCUMBERBATCH Oh good, you clicked over to the article. I was afraid you wouldn't.

Why? Well, maybe because people keep saying Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Wars Episode VII and Cumberbatch's people keep saying no, but he totally is and this is the worst kept secret since double-sided blades on Darth Maul.

Anyway, here's what the hubbub's about: It's a clip from the Graham Norton show.

What we're focusing on is at 2:00 in.

Here's the thing: No news is made in this clip. We're all in this cloying madness where we're pretty sure Cumberbatch is in the new Star Wars so we're willing to jump on: "Yeah-uh-eye-uh-unnnnnnnn" as Cumberbatch "slipping."

He's not slipping. He, like Harrison Ford, is playing with you. Ford at least is trying to do this playing dumb game so Harrison Ford gets googled so maybe someone will see Ender's Game because HEY- HARRISON FORD.

See Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford in JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode VII Rise of the Jedi in 2015.

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