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'Avatar’ Sequels Start Filming October 2014 Because Sam Worthington Said So

– by El Mayimbe

AvatarSo what's the latest on the Avatar sequels? For starters, I don't care what Arnie and his team tell ya. He is still playing the bad guy general in the Avatar sequels. Watch. Time will vindicate me. But that is not all. According to actor Sam Worthington who played Jake Sully in the first Avatar film, production should begin in October 2014. How do I know? Because he said so during an interview during an Australian radio show.  He also added that most of the script has already been written by director James Cameron and that the recent screenwriters hired were only for polishing purposes.

“We are going to start this time next year and we will do two, three and four,” he told Australia radio station NovaFM.  “In one shot, we’ll do them simultaneously. I’ll be grateful if it finishes.”

Fox recently announced that there would be three Avatar sequels and that Cameron had hired screenwriters Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planets of the Apes), and Shane Salerno (Savages, Salinger) to collaborate with him on the screenplays for Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4.

Avatar 2 drops in theaters December, 2016


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