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'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Seeks Subtitle, Double Entendre

– by Da7e

ASM2ELECTRO_POWER It looks like when Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd next year it will not be titled Amazing Spider-Man 2. Which is great, because why go to the numerical well when subtitles are all the rage? If I don't get Trans4mers, NO ONE DOES.

A gentleman who got to see an early screening of Captain Phillips had a bit of a run in with Spidey's parent company, Sony and wrote into Comic Book Movie with the tale:

"I saw an advance screening of Captain Phillips last week on Thursday at Mall of America. Before the showing there were Sony people there from their marketing arm asking for people's opinion on Amazing Spider Man 2 subtitles. There were three subtitles they were testing, but I forget one of them. The two I remember were Amazing Spider-Man: the Price of Power. The second one was Amazing Spider-Man: With Great Power. "

Price of Power. With Great Power. The villain is Electro - I see what they're doing here.

Not that I agree with it.

Mostly because I'd just like them to change "Amazing" to something else. Like SENSATIONAL or SPECTACULAR!

But, no, we're going to go with these Power double entendres, and probably Price of Power or the forgotten third one because "With great power comes great responsibility" wasn't even uttered by the now-dead Uncle Ben in the first film, so that'd know...odd.

It'd be like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Incongruous.

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