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Mark Waid Talks About a Hulk Movie

– by Philip Sticco

hulk_the_avengersMark Waid is currently working on the Marvel NOW! title Indestructible Hulk and he sat down with Newsarama to discuss the Hulk comics and the possibility of a new film. How did run, title Hulk, Agent of T.I.M.E., come about?

“[Hulk, Agent of T.I.M.E.] came up during the last writers' retreat. Brian Michael Bendis was explaining how time was broken in the aftermath of Age of Ultron, and someone at the table started joking that Marvel needed a 'time policeman' to control the chaos and protect the timestream. As a joke, I volunteered Hulk--the least likely candidate for precision missions--but we all liked it!"

Does Waid think Hulk would make a viable leading man if Marvel decides to make another solo film featuring the big green guy?

“Oh, please, yes! He's tailor made for a film adventure,” Waid gushes. “Wasn't he the breakaway star of Avengers? He was in my theater, I'll tell you that!

“[Ruffalo is] spot-on. I love how he’s more driven than tormented and the Bruce Banner/Tony Stark bromance is positively inspirational."

What does Waid think of people who scoff at Hulk holding his own in a solo flick?

“Hulk smash puny preconceptions.”

What do you think? Are you ready for another Hulk adventure?

SOURCE: Newsarama

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