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Ice Cube is back on Jump Street

– by Philip Sticco

ice-cube-as-capt-dickson-in-21-jump-streetOne of my bigger movie going surprises in 2012 was 21 Jump Street. I went into it not expecting much, and walked out very pleased I'd made the trip to the theatre. So many things about 21 Jump Street could have gone wrong, but thanks to the direction of Phil Lord and Chris Miller and the script from Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall, the film is hysterical. It's more of an update than a remake and cameos from the original cast, especially Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise, are outstanding.

Lord and Miller are directing the sequel with Hill and Channing Tatum returning to their respective roles of Schmidt and Jenko.

Now The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Ice Cube will also return to play Captain Dickson, who supervises our intrepid undercover officers.

There's not much word on the plot other than the sequel, titled 22 Jump Street, will find Schmidt and Jenko tackling an assignment that takes them to college.


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