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EXCLUSIVE: We Know WHO Is Playing The Bad Guy In 'Avatar 2'

– by El Mayimbe

Avatar So what's the latest with the Avatar?  Back in August, it was announced that there would be three sequels to hit film. Screenwriters were also announced. Josh Friedman would write Avatar 2, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver would write Avatar 3, and Shane Salerno would write Avatar 4. Production is scheduled for 2014 with the first film to be released in December 2016, the second in December 2017 and the third in 2018.

In terms of story, the first sequel will pick up after the events of the first film, when Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) permanently transfers his consciousness to his Na'vi avatar and begins a new life with Princess Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) after they defeat the human colonizers.

James Cameron told MTV NEWS

"It would be a continuation of their story and I expect that those nasty humans didn't go away forever: 'Oh, well that didn't work!' " he said.

Nasty humans, huh? Well guess what cool kids! We know who one of those nasty humans are going to be. In fact, according to top level sources, a bad guy human general is going to be played by someone who hasn't worked with James Cameron in almost 20 years. Ready? It's none other than...



To guys of my generation, Arnold working again with the director who helped make him an huge international star is major news. When Arnold and Cameron work together, movie magic happens. Terminator 1, Terminator 2, and True Lies. BOOM!

Let's keep it real. Arnold's film career post politics has been straight up bumjuice. Anybody remember THE LAST STAND? I didn't think so. Working with Cameron again perhaps is the shot of winstrol that Arnold's film career needs. Also, Cameron always got the best out of Arnold when they worked together. Like I said before, movie magic.

Earlier this year, Arnold gave a small clue about working again with Cameron and told MTV Movies Blog

"Movie-wise, he's tied up with his next two movies, but hopefully, there's something down the line when he's finished with that," Schwarzenegger said. "I always look forward to working with him because Cameron is a very talented director.

Consider me psyched. What do you guys think about those two working together again? Chime in your thoughts below and keep it clean. For shiz & giggles, check out the clip when Arnold introduced Avatar aka Abadah at the Golden Globes a few years back.

Until the next episode...


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