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EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Two Actors Went In For 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

– by El Mayimbe

STARWARSEXCLUSIVE Look guys I totally get it. A lot of you had it up to HERE with all these taking a meeting stories and are dying to know what the hell the actual roles are these actors are meeting for. Well, so I am. I'm crazy curious but quite frankly, easier said than done. Then there are many of you that are at least thankful for what we try to do and put out there to the best of our scooping ability. Can't make everyone happy I guess. But again, I get the frustration. We're not the ones who took the position to not show or say absolutely anything for the next year or so. Were not the ones who held the D23 conference and gave you a sentence or two. We're especially not the ones taking the arrogant position, "We don't have to show or say anything because we know you are going to come see the movie regardless." So everybody just chill and take what we give you for what it is worth. At least it is SOMETHING. At least we're trying. Just my two cents.

Whether you like it or not, here is another taking a meeting story.

What is interesting though is that we don't have another possible "son of this character" or possible "daughter of this character." But something different.

We have ourselves some diversity.

According to sources, The Butler's David Oyelowo went in for some unknown role.


But here is the kicker. You know who just went in to meet with JJ Abrams personally?

Fruitvale Station's Michael B. Jordan

michael b jordan

Jordan's career is on fire. Rumored to be the next Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four reboot, Jordan also got Creed coming up next.

What role did these did two young actors go in for? Who knows. But speculate below and keep it clean or I will ban you with force choke.


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