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David S. Goyer Says They're Farther Along On 'Batman Vs. Superman' Than People Realize

– by El Mayimbe

davidgoyerDavid S. Goyer sat down with the Associated Press and chatted about fan expectation on the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman. We would embed the video for you guys below but unfortunately, the folks at yahoo movies have a bumjuice video player where you can't embed videos. Whatever. Here is what Goyer said:

“One of the things that has been fun for us, is we’re a bit a further a long than what I think people realize,” he explained. “From a fan point of view, we’re conscious of that when you’re working on these things, but you can’t let yourself be paralyzed by that. At the end of the day you still have to creat something. And if you try and think, ‘Well what would the fans like’ then you stop being creative. It’s sort of like where does it end? You have to write the story that you want to write, and hope that people want to see it.”

Who does Goyer think can win a fight between Batman and Superman?

"Most comic book purest would says Batman because he is the ultimate strategist. Even though it makes no sense what so ever. If Superman just flicked his finger Batman would be done for.”

I agree with Goyer. In a hand to hand contest, Superman would lay a fart on Batman and game over BUT, Batman ain't no punk ass *****! Bruce would even the playing field and have some sort of kryptonian element around to make Superman human. Batman's martial arts game is on point hence he would lay the only smackdown on Kal-El!

Take Superman's powers away and he is straight up bumjuice.

What do you thinks? Chime in below!


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