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Zack Snyder Spins Myth With 'Man of Steel's High Death Toll

– by Da7e

Zack Snyder Oh, Zack Snyder, you rapscallion!

Zack's over in Japan, pushing Man of Steel on a world audience now, possibly with a new sense of responsibility, as Japan Times thought to ask him about the BuzzFeed article that pegged The Battle of Metropolis with 129,000 innocent bystanders killed and around $2 billion in damage and repair costs. You, people of the world, come witness the American Jesus that saved you all while causing about forty-three 9/11-sized attacks on America!

Snyder starts the interview praising himself for doing so many commercials because "You can believe in your vision, but in the end, you’re selling the product for the client" and "It allowed me to thicken my skin for dealing with difficulties in movie-making.” Because "it’s easy to get all tyrannical. It’s weird, but a lot of directors get dictatorial when they come on the set. I’m not, and I think it’s because I’ve made a lot of commercials."

Not exactly sure what a lack of tyranny and fore-knowledge of product contributed to Man of Steel, but Japan Times gets around to it, finally asking about the high collateral damage in the film's climax.

Enter Zack Snyder, myth-weaver:

 “I wanted the movie to have a mythological feeling. In ancient mythology, mass deaths are used to symbolize disasters. In other countries like Greece and Japan, myths were recounted through the generations, partly to answer unanswerable questions about death and violence. In America, we don’t have that legacy of ancient mythology. Superman (who first appeared in ‘Action Comics’ in 1938) is probably the closest we get. It’s a way of recounting the myth.”

You heard the man! When you're choosing what mythical movies to watch, feel free to leave out ones that feature any mass murders, genocides, infrastructure collapses, global tragedies and natural disasters that don't have a significantly high death toll. But don't forget to watch that one about that alien when he saved us from that other alien after watching his step-dad die in a tornado.

No, don't watch Munich, that only has 11 people dying in it. It's certainly not a true story leading to a myth to answer unanswerable questions about death and violence because the only mythical qualities in cultures such as Greece and Japan are how many people died.

Which is why Godzilla movies are across the board mythic as f*ck.



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