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Will 'Star Wars: Ep VII' hit theatres at Christmas in 2015?

– by Philip Sticco

star-wars-la-2-7-13Are you guys excited for the next Star Wars film?I know I am. I think JJ Abrams will nail the flick, unless his being such a huge Star Wars fan has the same effect as Bryan Singer's love for Superman had on Superman Returns. Star Wars: Episode VII is set to hit screens in 2015, but we don't know when in 2015. You think Disney would have given us some info like a release date (or an effing title!) at D23, but they were kind of tight lipped with the Star Wars info.

Every Star Wars film has been released in May, but that may be changing for Episode VII.

Disney already has a huge tent pole flick hitting theatres on May 1, 2015 with The Avengers: Age of Ultron, so why would the studio want to compete with itself and release another big flick that basically has the same fan base? Simply put, Disney would not want to do that, so it's looking like Star Wars: Episode VII will eschew the franchise's normal May release for a December date.

Badass Digest has a source telling them Ep VII will be hitting theatres in mid December on the 15th. This later date will give Disney some distance from Avengers 2 and also allows Abrams some extra time to get the film finished.

What do you think? Is it a wise move for Disney to abandon Star Wars' normal summer release for a holiday release?

Do you think Abrams and his crew can pull of a new, fresh take on Star Wars that doesn't abandon the films we have come to love?

SOURCE: Badass Digest


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