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New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Images Tease Sinister 6

– by Da7e

amazing-spider-man-2 Full disclosure here: we're not being teased, we're being trolled.

Why do I say that? Because these guys - anyone involved with Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - have been so coy about the whole Sinister 6 angle that a picture of Avi Arad reading in front of a Sinister 6 logo is really just there to get us to buy into Amazing Spider-Man 2. They probably just stenciled the word "SINISTER" over Stage 6 somewhere. That's what this ends up being.

Why do I say that? Because The Sinister 6 won't be in Amazing Spider-Man 2. This makes it look more likely we'll see them bow into Amazing Spider-Man 3, but talking like that right now is like talking about the 2016 elections: can we just not yet?

Sony also released some less tantilizing images like Spidey on a wall, Electro in the shadows, Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn) with a camera and Paul Giamatti looking pretty crazy. Also one with this guy with a green laser on his face. Which I could think deep on or I could just wait two days until the general fandom does it for me.

tasm2-photo1 tasm2-photo2 tasm2-photo3 tasm2-photo4 tasm2-photo5 tasm2-photo6 tasm2-photo7source: Sony


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