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Gael Garcia Bernal joins ‘Desierto’

– by Philip Sticco

bernalI think it's a good thing when parents are successful in a particular field and then use that success to help their children break into the same business, or just collaborate with them. For example, Francis Ford Coppola produced his daughter Sofia's films Somewhere, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette; while Ivan Reitman did the same for his son Jason on Up In the Air. Now, it appears Alfonso Cuaron will be producing his son Jonas' Spanish language film Desierto.

The Cuarons also wrote this fall's Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, with Alfonso directing.

On Desierto Jonas will be directing from a script he wrote with Mateo Garcia, and Variety has just reported that Gael Garcia Bernal has signed on to star in the film.

From Variety:

Jonas Cuaron and Mateo Garcia wrote the script, in which illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States run for their lives from a drunk American citizen who has taken border patrol into his own hands. While they fight for their own lives, two immigrants learn to fight for each other and become close in the process.

Bernal has previously worked with Alfonso Cuaron on Y Tu Mamá También.

Alfonso's Gravity is getting great advance buzz and is looking like its a must see fall film. The female lead was rumored to be Angelina Jolie for a while, but she eventually left the project and Bullock was hired in her place. A lot of people are weary of Bullock's ability to pull off such a part, but I think under the right director, like Cuaron, Bullock can be a good, if not great actress.

SOURCE: Variety

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