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EXCLUSIVE: Could The Motor City Sub For Gotham In 'Man Of Steel 2'?

– by El Mayimbe

Superman-Batman-Public-enemies-batman-8241521-1024-768With Ben Affleck now fully committed to play Batman, pre-production and location scouting is currently underway for a February production start date. We got the scoop on two major cities which may play a huge part and offer clues to the upcoming sequel. But before we begin, a quick humble brag. Who told you that we would we know who the Goddamn Batman was before Labor Day? Also who first mentioned Affleck early this year?

Anyway, back to the story.

According to sources, the production team scouted the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan as a possible location to sub for Gotham City.

If an edgier Batman is what they are going after, then I can totally see the next cinematic Gotham City in the vein of Detroit. Michigan is going through a production boom right now and offers generous tax incentives. Michael Bay's Transformers 4 is currently shooting there and I hear it is a great place to make a movie. Having Man Of Steel 2 would be a huge victory for the state of Michigan.

I put in a few calls to the Michigan Film Office earlier today for an official comment and my calls went unreturned by press time.


You know where else the production team scouted heavily?


Now what can be shot in Morocco? I have a theory. Is it possible that maybe the Moroccan desert will be where either Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor discover the radioactive meteorite known as KRYPTONITE? Warner Brothers has a great relationship with the city which hosted three shoots for major WB productions. Body Of Lies shot there in 2008 and both Sex & The City 2 and Chris Nolan's Inception were shot in Morocco back in 2010.

That's all I got for now. Chime in your thoughts and theories below and please keep it clean or I will hulk smash you with my banhammer.

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