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Contenders Emerge For The Goddamn Batman In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

– by El Mayimbe

Superman-Batman-Public-enemies-batman-8241521-1024-768 So who is going to be the Goddamn Batman in the 2015 Man Of Steel sequel or Batman vs Superman or World's Finest or whatever they will call the upcoming 2015 movie?

Earlier in the week, Jett over at Batman On Film broke the story that the studio was looking for an older Batman in his 40s. Not surprising since younger leading men have been having a problem at the box office lately while older actors have been filling the seats. Ben Affleck in Argo, Gerard Butler in Olypus Has Fallen, Mark Whalberg and Denzel Washington in this weekend's number one hit 2 Guns are recent examples.

According to Borys Kit over at Hollywood Reporter, some of the following names have managed to make it to the top of the list. Let's take a look at some of the few...

Josh Brolin. 

From what I am hearing the frontrunner. Hot choice. If a nasty, edgy, Frank Milleresque bone breaking Batman is what Zack is looking for, well then this is the guy. The only thing that makes me think he won't do it is because he went through a nasty divorce this year with Superman's mom Diane Lane. Yes, I know they won't have scenes together but there is a thing in pre-production called a table read with the whole cast which could be quite awkward. That and junket/premiere appearances can be awkward as well. I can be totally wrong but who knows.

Joe Manganiello.

The guy is a beast and was one of the original Superman contenders. He certainly got the height and the physicality for the role. Plus he is Playboy Bruce Wayne in real life with a smoking hot model girlfriend I saw him rock at the Wired Cafe at Comic Con.

Ryan Gosling.

Hell no. Hipster Batman?! Ryan Gosling is one of those artsy fartsy high brow art film pretty boy actors that take themselves a tad too seriously. I just saw his last movie and he got his ass handed to him by the middle age police chief in Only God Forgives. Sorry, but Gosling can't scrap for shit onscreen and he is the farthest thing from being the next Steve McQueen let alone a Goddamn Batman.

Here is another name that the Hollywood Reporter article didn't drop who is also in contention.

Gerard Butler.

Yes, the Spartan King. He's another dope actor who got the height, presence, acting chops, and is a winstrol cycle away from being a physically imposing macho Batman. The only negative is his accent which my twitter followers have been giving me shit over. Remember though, Butler already worked with Zack in 300 and is coming off a hit Olympus Has Fallen, the movie that murdered White House Down.

There is also Jim Caviziel and Jon Hamm but sorry cool kids, their TV commitments will keep them out of contention since the film will shoot during the winter time.

The Hollywood Reporter piece also mentioned some other minor names which you can read HERE.

So what do you guys think? Let me know below.

Stick around because I might have a huge scoop early next week concerning the sequel!

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SOURCE: Batman On Film, Hollywood Reporter

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