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Comic-Con 2013: EXCLUSIVE! We Know Who Marvel Wants As 'Doctor Strange'!

– by El Mayimbe

drstrange Good morning everyone!

I'm getting out of Dodge and on my way to Comic Con this morning but before I leave town, how about a MASSIVE Marvel movie scoop!

Let's get the Comic Con party officially poppin' with the HOTTEST casting rumor going into the con!

You know, it's funny. I seen all sorts of Doctor Strange casting stories around the net and they GOT THEM ALL WRONG!

Sorry kids, it ain't gonna be John Harrison/Khan, Benedict whatever his name is. Hell no! head honcho Kellvin Chavez went out and found out and according to trusted sources, the "rumor", yes I said rumor going around Marvel Studios is that they want...











Now at press time, we are not saying that an offer has been made, that talks have even engaged and who knows, Levitt and his team are probably unaware, BUT we are hearing that Marvel execs internally are discussing that Levitt is who they figure would be ideal.

Based upon what I know of the story details, an awesome choice. Levitt's career is on absolute FIRE at the moment, his directorial debut Don Jon drops later this fall, and he is the right age (32). In the current draft of the script by Oppenheimer and Donnelly, the Sorcerer Supreme is written for someone in their early 30s. Levitt has both the charm and also the swagger the script currently demands. That and the fact that Levitt is one of the more likeable actors in town.

Again, an awesome casting choice, and in my book just the right pedigree of actor that Marvel usually goes for.

I hope Marvel gets him because that would indeed be very dope!

See you at Comic Con cool kids!

I'm outta here!


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