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WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! 'Doctor Strange' Plot Details REVEALED! Part 1

– by El Mayimbe

DRSTRANGEEXCLUGotta love Marvel's timing. Earlier today they slotted another UNTITLED MARVEL MOVIE for July 2016. It is no secret that one of the three unannounced movies is going to be Kevin Feige's pet project Doctor Strange. In the meantime, how about some PLOT DETAILS? WARNING THE FOLLOWING FEATURETTE CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS!

There is a lot of ground to cover so instead of making one huge video, we are going to divide the exclusive into multiple parts released weekly. We're not going to make a scoop score of this magnitude and blow it on one featurette. After all, I do have an indiegogo campaign to run which you can check out HERE. The last video will lead directly into comic con week. Marvel always puts on a good show during annual Hall H presentation which will take place on Saturday July 20th. So expect to hear more about not only Doctor Strange, but other Marvel characters as well. So how about we start the festivities early before comic con and get this party poppin'!

The verdict? According to sources, from what I'm being told screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer did a FANTASTIC job! I'm really excited to share the rest with you so stay tuned these next few weeks. Personally, I was never a Doctor Strange comic fan, but based on what I know, this is a movie I would absolutely see and I think you would too.

So without further ado. Enjoy Part 1!


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