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– by El Mayimbe

Breakneck-Title-870x300What's poppin' cool kids! After MONTHS of planning, we are entering into our mixtape era! We are launching a crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo and getting into the content business big time.

We want to not only produce, but self distribute a micro budget chase thriller action film called Breakneck here on the site. Breakneck is about a New York City Bodega Clerk who must go on the run from both the cops and a Private Military Contractor (think Blackwater) for murders he didn't commit. Trapped in uptown Manhattan, our hero has to stay a step ahead of his pursuers and stay alive long enough to prove his innocence.

Check out the concept poster below.

Breakneck-WallpaperPretty cool, huh? We call it our "Bourne in the barrio" movie.

I have to give a huge hat tip to webmaster/producer Brad Miska over at because I was inspired by the recent successes of his V/H/S & S/V/H/S movies. Seeing the Bloody Disgusting logo on both the big screen & small screen is what did it for me. It shows that you can run a successful website and create content at the same time. So just like how Brad produces genre themed content for his audience, we want to produce English language genre content for not only Latino audiences but all audiences as well. Why self distribute? It's quite simple. It's no secret I have relationships with the agencies so I have my ear to ground on what is going on with the independent film scene. The fact is that no major distributor is looking for English language Latino themed content. Maybe the upcoming Latino Paranormal Activity will change that. The only real buyers are mid-range and smaller distributors. Here is the kicker though, unless you make a splash at Sundance, these companies don't offer any minimum guarantees (upfront payments) whatsoever. You have to practically give away your movie to a distributor where they maybe release it in a theater on the fringe in either New York City or Los Angeles before they dump it to VOD. A producer friend of mine who had a film recently at Slamdance, went to a distributor that supposedly specializes in Latino content and was put through a dog and pony show where he ending up leaving with a zero minimum guarantee offer. A disgrace.

Another reason to self distribute is because I don't believe that English Latino themed films have absolutely any business being marketed on Spanish language television. It's a total waste. The demographic that watches the programs on those network don't even go to the movies. I can argue this point till I'm blue in the face but that is a separate conversation. In short, I seen far too many tragedies and cautionary tales that I have absolutely no interest in becoming one. Hence, we are partnering with VHX to create a platform where we can bring the movie directly to you guys, our faithful readers.

My attitude is this, if our images aren't defined by us, they will be defined for us. Sure Latinos make up a third of the box office of Mama, The Purge, & Fast & Furious 6, but at the end of the day, Latinos are still the most underserved film audience in the United States. The English language content is practically non existent.

They key is this: to keep our identity uniquely Latin and our appeal widely universal. Exactly like we done here on the site for the past decade. In other words, we don't want to produce content just for Latinos, but produce content with Latinos in them for everyone else to enjoy.

Why Indiegogo? During my research, I discovered that a big portion of our readership comes from countries outside the United States and Canada. Countries that kickstarter doesn't support. Indiegogo accepts payments from over 96 countries in the world. I seen far too many kickstarter campaigns that have to scramble during the crowdfunding process and figure out a way to accept payments from other countries. So going with Indiegogo was pretty much a no brainer.

So for the next thirty days I will be right here on the site engaging our readers and our followers so if you have any questions, please feel free to comment, tweet, or email me at Also, don't think for a second that I am giving up scooping whatsoever. In fact, next week, I will be dropping the biggest Marvel scoop before comic con so you won't want to miss this one. In fact I might drop a small preview piece this week.

Speaking of Comic Con, we are pre-selling a select number of VIP tickets to our annual KINGS OF CON event. This year's event will take place at the Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse located in the Gaslamp district and will be the official kickoff event for Breakneck. Our event is attended by celebrities, we host a complete open bar (none of this cash bar nonsense), and we serve top shelf liquor. I'm stepping up my game this year and bringing in a hot New York City DJ.

Click here to read what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about the KINGS OF CON last year in their guide to comic con parties. Then click here to see for yourself as the Hollywood Reporter gave us their highly coveted HOT party designation. For more on the venue, check out the Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse here.

Back to the campaign, I have included my pitch video below so please take the time to check it out. It's under three minutes.

Now, I can't do this alone hence why I am asking you guys to join us, and be a part of the movement. Lets build something together. Come alongside us on this journey, and partake of the full experience not only of the finished film, but of the entire journey it takes to get there. It would mean the absolute world and make quite the difference if you make a pledge. Every single pledge absolutely counts. Check out our tiers and find a pledge that makes the most sense to you. So please click the widget below to access the campaign on our indiegogo page.

So I personally want to thank each of you for reading this piece and giving us your consideration. I also want to personally thank each of you for being a part of the community. Communities evolve and after all, we are a film news website, so why not make movies? Again, we hope you join us in the next step of our evolution and go along with us for the ride. The next 30 days should be interesting. I'm looking forward to it, and hope you guys are as well.


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