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EXCLUSIVE: We Know Who Is At The Top Of A VERY Short List For Marvel's 'The Black Panther'

– by El Mayimbe

blackpantherChalk this one down to the very obvious department. Morris Chestnut made noise a few weeks back on his twitter and facebook account talking about Marvel's The Black Panther and then it all magically disappeared. In my experience, that means someone got an ass chewing from Marvel.

But then something else happened during that time period which we will get to in a second but first some inside baseball talk.

Marvel operates a drone program inside Los Angeles county. So if you Angelenos look up in the sky you should spot an MQ-9 Reaper drone within the Beverly Hills/Century City area. The drone's Hellfire missiles are looking for HEAT SIGNATURES on talent within the vicinity. No other movie studio's drone program chases heat the way Marvel does.

In other words, Marvel Studios are star fuckers. Actually, up and coming star fuckers. So if you pop in a recent hit movie or hit TV show, Fin Fang Feige wants to talk to you bro! Some recent examples include Michael Rooker (Walking Dead), Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty), and who can forget Chris Hemsworth's 15 minutes as Captain Kirk's papi in JJ's Star Trek.

So anyway, something happened last month. A movie came out starring an up and comer in his first leading man role which was quite the home run for the studio. In fact that movie is still performing at the box office and will double it's production budget by this weekend. Box office nerds tell me that this film has a trajectory that could hit $100 million when it's all said and done.

The film?


It's up and coming star?

Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick_Boseman_at_the_42_Premiere_2013Are you surprised? I'm not. The guy is starring in a box office hit, he is accessible to both African American AND mainstream audiences which is key, he is both lean and handsome, and according to some of the brothers I spoke to he is chocolate enough. That and the fact he is affordable and within the price point Marvel pays.

Now at press time, to my knowledge no offer has been made or deal is in place. Boseman is simply at the top of the list. I actually reached out to Boseman's reps at boutique agency Greene & Associates and of course they refuse to comment.

Make no mistake, Marvel is taking general meetings with actors for not only this role but other roles as well. Morris Chestnut alone proved that.

The following is just speculation, but I think we will most likely see Black Panther in a cameo in Avengers 2 and maybe he graduates to his own phase 3 film.

Regardless, I think Boseman is a solid choice. My personal choice is Nate Parker who has been on fire lately and will pop after Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop.

What do you cool kids think about Boseman? You think he would make a dope Black Panther? Who are your choices? Chime in your thoughts below and keep it civil.

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