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Star Trek Spoilers Sheds Light “Into Darkness”

– by Ruben Gonzalez

strektrek2-ss2 There has been so much rumor and speculation on Star Trek 2 that as a fan, it would be hard to follow the movie without key elements becoming exposed. One of these plot points is who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing. Though he is officially known as John Harrison, it has been speculated that he could be the man who became a god Gary Mitchell or the infamous Khan himself. Now, according to one source the answer is definite.

The spoiler involves Cumberbatch; his character will be playing Khan. He is referred to in some scenes as Harrison, but then reveals himself to the Enterprise crew as his true identity. It is also not the only element from “Wrath of Khan” that will be appearing. The reactor scene will be played out on screen, but in a different way.

After months of denial, it seems the truth has finally slipped out. It remains to be seen how the fan base will react. Though the villain has been done before and some people have expressed disappointment over his potential reuse, the same has been done for the comic book foe, The Joker. There are those that would still lament the fact this revelation will not make the newest Star Trek installation as original as hoped.

The fact that J.J. Abrams is in control will help the jaded as his work has been well received by the Sci-Fi fan community. It is only a matter of time before the audience gets to view “Star Trek Into Darkness” and form its own critical opinion.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” premieres May 2013.

Source: Shockya

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