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Richard Linklater will direct 'A Walk In the Woods' with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte

– by Philip Sticco

CR9501-012C Richard Linklater is set to direct A Walk In the Woods, based on Bill Bryson's memoir. Robert Redford, who is producing, will star and Nick Nolte will most likely costar.

Walk is "a comic tale with travel overtones and involves two boyhood friends who go their separate ways and come back later in life for an outdoor adventure. In Bryson’s tome, the writer and his pseudonymously named friend Stephen Katz try to walk the Appalachian Trail, in the process making sly observations about the world around them and their own lives."

Several directors, including Chris Columbus and Barry Levinson, attempted to make the films over the years, but nothing aver came to fruition.

Personally I think this film is perfect for Linklater. If all goes as planned shooting will commence in the fall

What do you think?

SOURCE: The LA Times


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