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Cyrte Investments Teams Up With China Film Co. For John Woo's 'Flying Tigers'

– by Alex Corey

tiger John Woo (Hardboiled, Red Cliff) has the support of Cyrte Investments and China Film Co. for his latest project, the aerial adventure: Flying Tigers.

The project will be released as a two-part feature film in Greater China and as a six-hour television drama miniseries to the rest of the world. The project will be shot in English.

Woo said about the project:

'Flying Tigers' is a project that I have always wanted to do, because this is a story that expresses the courage, resourcefulness, friendship, and spirit of both the Chinese and American people and pilots.  It promotes friendship between the two nations.


The epic action drama tells the legendary story of the Flying Tigers, a heroic band of American pilots who volunteered to join the Chinese Air Force and fight Japanese aggression at the onset of World War II.  Known as the “Flying Tigers” due to the iconic shark’s teeth painted on their fighter planes, the team played an integral role in holding the line against imperial Japan in the early days of the war.  Although outnumbered and often ill-equipped, the Flying Tigers valiantly staved off numerous Japanese attacks in China and Southeast Asia. Flying Tigers is a compelling story of international friendship and heroism between American and Chinese servicemen who perilously fought side-by-side in a time of need. 

Woo is set to begin principal photography for Flying Tigers in early 2014.

SOURCE: Official Press Release

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