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Check Out Eyecast A Cool Viral For Indie Sci-Fi Film 'Channeling'

– by El Mayimbe

eyecastI got this in my inbox and thought this was cool...

EyeCast, Inc is revolutionizing social media with the Contact Cam 1s™ - it's the discreet, HD (1920x1080p) camera that you wear on your eye. True stereo audio is captured with our proprietary membrane microphone.

This is not lifecasting, it's EyeCasting. Real-time ratings and demographic information are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet via the free EyeCast mobile app.

EyeCast, it's your life, LIVE because you're only LIVE once!

For a second I thought this company EyeCast got the jump on Google Glass and then realized it was a viral for an upcoming indie sci-fi film called Channeling. Check it out.

Very clever. I can easily see Google Glass 2.0 or 3.0 in the years to come being based on EyeCast.

The film premieres this weekend at the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival which is part of the Phoenix Film Festival. Check out the festival and the screening dates for the film HERE.

The synopsis for Channeling from the festival guide:

A soldier returns home on bereavement leave to discover that his brother's accidental death...wasn't. With 72 hours to solve the mystery, Jonah assumes his brother's identity, and enters a world of voyeurism and exhibitionism that's as dangerous as it is addictive - a world in which people broadcast their lives in real time to as large an audience as possible. Hungry for ratings and the approval of their followers, these 'Channelers' engage in increasingly risky and self-destructive behavior. By re-launching his brother's channel, will Jonah find the conspirators or will he lose himself?

But that's not all cool kids!

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