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"Good Times" Movie For Sony

– by Alex Corey

goodtimes According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is currently developing a film based on "Good Times", the popular Sitcom that ran on CBS from 1974-1979. Sony has enlisted Scott Rudin and Eli Bush as producers. Phil Johnston (Wreck-It-Ralph, Cedar Rapids) will write.

The original show starred Ja'net DuBois, John Amos, Ralph Carter, Jimmie Walker, BernNadette Stanis and Esther Rolle.

Good Times synopsis from Tvland:

Good Times follows the challenges and joys of the close-knit Evans family -- patriarch James, mother Florida, eldest son and accomplished amateur painter J.J. (James Evans, Jr.), brainy and beautiful daughter Thelma, and youngest son Michael, a political and social activist -- who live together in a high-rise housing project on the South Side of Chicago.

The show took an honest look at the reality of life in the urban Projects, and tackled social and political issues around race, poverty, unemployment, inflation, crime and addiction -- hot button issues that cut across 1970s America. 

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter, Tvland

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