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Tom Shadyac Wants An American "The Intouchables" Remake

– by Alex Corey

Tom-Shadyac Deadline reports that Tom Shadyac (Ace ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty) is in talks with The Weinstein Company to remake the wildly successful french film: The Intouchables.

Here's the trailer for the original:

This will be Shadyac's first comedic film in six years.

Shadyac's last film was 2010's documentary feature: I Am.

The synopsis for I am is included below:

"In I AM, Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world."

The french film The Intouchables, is hilarious and does not need a remake, though box office numbers will suggest otherwise (over $426 Million worldwide)...However if someone is going to remake this film, it should fall to someone who has a personal connection to it like Shadyac.

The script is by Paul Feig and TWC is trying to hook Colin Firth for the lead.

Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and the upcoming The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, doesn't have a lot of writing credits to his name except for...Freaks and Geeks, a TV show with a strong cult following that launched the careers of James Franco and Seth Rogen.

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